A Vet Visit for a Senior Poodle

We started the week off with our annual check-up at the vet. Teddy and D'Art love our vet, and I think she's pretty great too! D'Art spent most of the appointment being showered with love. Teddy patiently waited his turn and then he got some love too (and an exam). Going in for their check-ups makes me acutely aware of the ever-changing needs of my aging dogs. D'Art is 11 and therefore had his annual senior blood work done. His tests came back normal, so that's a relief. I had a long list of questions for our vet and she answered each one with great patience. One of my concerns is D'Art's mobility. He plays runs and plays like a puppy, but then sometimes after laying down for a while he'll need be stiff in his hindquarters. On the rare occasion he needs a boost to get up again. I was given a few good recommendations by our vet, including glucosamine. D'Art gets regular muscle massages (by yours truly) and he continues to live and play like he's a puppy, so I'm happy to let him enjoy life. I just need to have certain things on hand to help him when his mind thinks he's still a puppy but his body does not.

Any time the poodles start a new supplement I like to understand its benefits, so here is what I learned about glucosamine. Glucosamine occurs naturally in a dog's body. It is there to build and maintain healthy cartilage. As dogs age the body doesn't produce this as effectively. Supplementing with glucosamine has proven to reduce pain and increase mobility. I'm hoping we notice some improvement in D'Art's stiffness and mobility over the next few months. I ensure he is never in pain. He's pretty good at telling me when he feels unwell and I'm pretty good at listening and addressing it.

Do you have a senior dog? If so, what have you noticed change over the years and how do you handle it?

(Just a reminder that I am not a vet or health professional, the health decisions I make for my dogs are at advice of my vet and personal research. Any changes you make to your pet's health regime should be done at the advice of a health professional.)


  1. It must be that time of year - my post today is about Ruby's annual wellness exam!

    I just started my senior kitty (almost 19!) on glucosamine. I hope it helps both of our elders!

    Teddy is a smart guy - you will have to let us know if you get them a pool. I got one for The Ginger Sisters last summer and they weren't interested so we gave it to their water-loving Labradoodle cousin instead.

    1. We'll have to compare notes about glucosamine! So important to help our oldies in any way we can! I'll be on the look out for a kiddie pool this weekend. I don't want to spend too much in case they don't like it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Emmett and Lucas are both on joint supplements (Lukey's isn't glucosamne, though), and I do think it really helps. I hope you find the same thing to be true!!

    I also got these guys a pool a couple years ago. Cooper LOVES it. Emmett OKs it. Lucas is terrified of it. You just never know... :)


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