These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Both Teddy and D'Art were adopted as adult dogs. Teddy was 4 and D'Art was 8. They came from different places, and were adopted about 3/4 year apart. That said, they already had one thing in common...neither had any toys and neither knew what to do with most toys presented to them. Teddy has always loved balls, so I know he had some exposure to them prior to joining the family but he didn't know how to fetch (he knows now). D'Art came to us with some belongings, but none of which were toys. He did have a pillow, however, that he loved. D'Art's idea of fun was grabbing a mouth full of grass and running away with it in an attempt to entice someone to chase him.

Well, I'm happy to say that both Poodles now have a basket full of toys (to share) and they know what to do with them! But it took some teaching...

Neither knew anything about tug-of-war, but now it is one of D'Art's favorite games. Sometimes the two will even play tug-of-war together. Teddy LOVES his planet dog ball. It stands up to his need to chew and it bounces off the ground when thrown. Both Poodles have a variety of stuffies that they like, but each has unique tastes. D'Art is still drawn to larger, fluffy toys (that resemble pillows) so any time I see pillow pets in the thrift store without hard eyes I nab them for him. He knows each by name and makes them last a very long time. "Bee" and "Gorilla" are amongst his favorites.

Teddy, on the other hand, likes to de-stuff things and his preferred stuffies are small and soft. He loves "Chickie" and "Bun-buns" the best. Both Poodles know the names of their stuffies. If you ask them to get one by name, they (almost) always will! Once, I asked Teddy to go find Bun-buns and he ignored me to chew on a nyla bone, so D'Art when and got it out and left it in front of Teddy!

Not only are toys cute, but I believe they are essential to stimulating, as Poirot would say, "the little grey cells". Toys keep dogs minds active, engaged and interested.

What is your dog's favorite toy?


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