Happy Poodle Party Day!

Today is a day of celebration - Poodle Party Day! It marks the start of Teddy's 7th year and D'Art's 11th. Over the last few years these two dogs have brought me such immense joy; part of the celebration is reflecting on how special they are and how thankful I am to have them in my life. 

But enough of the sappy stuff and on with the fun stuff - a birthday edition of the game 'Hide and Go Treat!'

Inside each brown bag hid one of their favorite treats - a pig's ear! Both boys sat ever so sweetly wearing their party hats, patiently waiting for a chance to get their paws on the contents of the bags in front of them. This year, I decided to mix it up a bit by hiding the bags outside in the garden. They sat very nicely, hats hanging on by a thread, while I hid the bags. Once the cue was given they were off and so were the hats! 

D'Art found his bag very quickly - he's known for his exceptionally good sniffer! Teddy took a bit longer but he found it eventually and promptly ripped into the bag.

D'Art took his pig's ear off to the edge of the chicken yard and the chickens stood watching him with interest through the fence. Teddy sat in the lawn and enjoyed every morsel, being sure to rip the bag into tiny shreds just to ensure all the goodness was found and ingested (he didn't eat any of the paper bag though).

The hats didn't stay on for any of this fun, but instead ended up slightly squished on the lawn. After which, the humans took over and wore them for a while. After all, it was a party!

Happy Birthday Teddy and D'Art; thank you for brightening my life on a daily basis!

Next post...check back Friday for the first part of a multi-part series on keeping poultry and dogs in harmony.


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