Dogs and Poultry Part 3 - Friends with Benefits

Part 1 of this series discussed introducing your dog to your chickens; perhaps they even became friends! Part 2 addressed keeping everyone healthy. That just leaves the final part of this series - the benefits of keeping poultry when you have dogs!

Benefit #1 - Food! I used to keep birds for meat, and just yesterday the Poodles enjoyed a semi-frozen turkey neck treat from a previous turkey harvest. Since downsizing my flock I now just keep chickens for their eggs (and sweet personalities). I eat their eggs almost daily, and I sell some when I can, but don't worry the Poodles don't get left out! They get the occasional cooked egg with breakfast and they LOVE it! I don't have to worry about them consuming something filled with growth hormones and other chemicals because I know what my birds eat and I know they produce wholesome, healthy eggs.

Benefit #2 - Natural gardening. Poultry poop, when composted, makes great fertilizer. This negates the need for buying chemical fertilizes which can harm our beloved canine friends. Having chickens, turkeys, etc. gives you a free and natural source for dog-safe garden compost/fertilizer. What's more, chickens make amazing weed and pest eaters! If you leave them for too long in one spot they will eat everything that is green and leave nothing but a barren wasteland. However, if you move them around your garden they can eat pests and weeds, lessening your need for chemical treatments that once again are bad for our furry friends. A greener garden is a safer environment for our dogs to romp and play in!

Those are the top two benefits that I think directly affect my dogs. Of course, from a human point of view, I also enjoy my chickens for their personalities and beauty. Each one has a name and each will eat right out of my hand. (Just in case you are wondering, those that I raised for meat did not have names.) Poultry is a fun addition to a home and I hope that if you venture into this world that you find yourself reaping the rewards. Or perhaps you already have poultry, in which case I would love to hear your thoughts on the benefits of keeping poultry when you have dogs!


  1. Cool! Leo can't eat chicken, but he'll lick up an egg when I drop one. I didn't know that chickens were weedeaters. They've gotten pretty popular up here in Washington state.

    1. I believe more cities are embracing chickens as well and really you only need a couple of hens for a small family. In their peak years hens lay about 1 egg every 25 hrs or so. Thanks for reading my post!


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