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I Like #12 - Osprey, Copper, Rays

Happy Thursday everyone! We've made it this far, and the weekend isn't far off! Thanks to Not Afraid of Color for hosting this I Like blog hop, a spin off of Thankful Thursday.

Over the last week, I've spent a lot of time outside. Almost every evening has been spent working on the property, or walking. On one such walk I encountered a nest, perched high up in an old snag tree. The rightful owner, an osprey, watched over. If you've read any of my other "I Like" posts, you know well that I like birds! I wonder if there were chicks in the nest?!

I like learning new skills. In this case, working with copper. I needed some flat copper strips to line the legs of the cedar garden tables. Copper is a natural way to deter slugs. I took a copper pipe, heated it and quenched it to make it malleable and then flattened it into strips. 
It is satisfying work and the end result is pretty in its own way. I have plans to take this newly learned technique and apply it artisticall…

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